Hi there 👋

I'm Jashan, the Founder of MoonSpring. MoonSpring was born on the premise of my love for providing fun, memorable and enriching experiences to people. Currently this is in the form of my own love of mini golf, played at any and every opportunity with friends and family. I promise there is no competitive spirit amongst us!!!

Please feel free to follow me and the MoonSpring Journey, as we putt through the crazy golf courses

Our Mission 🚀

We're bringing the fun to you through our crazy portable golf course. Yes – you heard it right! Crazy golf at your event is only fingertips away!
Corporate Teams, Weddings, Schools, Community Events, and many more! Whatever the event, we have you covered.
We bring folk together, spark conversations, create photo-worthy memories and bring about camaraderie.
We are a mission led organisation, with fun at our heart. We promise you'll walk away with memories and stories to share long after the day.
The mission doesn't just stop there – we are on a quest to putt a putter in the hands of all, regardless of age, ability and background.

Our values 🫶

Be Different

We strive to provide the best and most unique experience to make your event memorable.

All or Nothing

Everyone at your event should be able to take part, so we strive to create an inclusive experience for everyone.

Have Fun

Ultimately our aim is to make sure FUN is at the heart of your event.

The Vision 👀

We aim for not only golf holes, but the moon! MoonSpring is your guidepost for all things fun at your event.
We aim to transcend the green to transform your event and make the world a happier, healthier and inclusive place.
From every putt sunk to every hole-in-one celebrated, we pledge to support initiatives aimed at empowering individuals and communities in bespoke ways.